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Massage Montreal

All forms of Massage aim to mobilize the natural healing properties of the body to help restore or maintain optimal health. Eastern styles, such as Reflexology, Champissage and Dien Cham focus on balancing the body’s vital energy as it flows in pathways known as zones or meridians. Western style massage, such as Kinetic Swedish, Relaxation and Sport work towards relaxing the muscles, improving circulation and increasing mobility. Western forms of Massage utilize movements such as gliding, kneading, tapping and stretching strokes along with deep circular movements and vibrations.

Massage is also a convenient way to apply therapeutic substances to the skin and underlying tissues. Massage therapists may use warming or analgesic cream, rejuvenating oils and even essential oils to aid in the treatment of the client.
Massage can help to relieve muscular pain as well as reduce stress and ease muscle tension. The treatment is useful for relieving neck and back pain, aiding relaxation, mobilizing stiff joints and helping to improve ones muscle tone. Massage is also useful in stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural painkillers. It also helps the healing process by improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and connective tissues. A Massage treatment can also improve drainage of waste products from the body and tissues.

Many people have regular Massage treatments to help them relax and stay in peak physical and mental condition. Those engaged in physically active pursuits such as athletes, dancers, workout enthusiasts all find it particularly good for maintaining healthy muscle tone. Massage has valuable preventative health benefits as well, because it improves the flexibility of muscles and connective tissues and enhances their blood supply; it also helps to boost the body’s own natural immune system.



Massage Montreal Qc Canada


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